The UAE Pavilion at Floriade Expo 2022 WELCOME TO
This was our story; what green cities means to us, and how we have learned from science and nature to build a better future.
We are a young nation,
founded just 50 years ago.
Thriving in the sun, salt, and drought.
We have learned to work
with our environment,
to green our cities
in a way that makes sense
with the nature we have.
To seek new answers
for the challenges that unite us
on our changing planet.
We are here to share
and to learn.
The International Horticultural Exhibition Floriade Expo 2022 was a leading exhibition and garden festival that takes place in the Netherlands once a decade. 2022 was the seventh in its history and has a central theme of ‘Growing Green Cities’.
The UAE Pavilion – Salt Water Cities: where land meets sea – shared what “growing green cities” meant in our challenging landscape where water scarcity, scorching heat and saline soil make typical horticulture almost impossible to achieve in a sustainable way. Salt Water Cities told the UAE’s unique journey of optimism and resilience, of how we have overcome the challenges of living in an ecotone of desert and sea to grow thriving, sustainable cities.
Salt Water Cities embraces the UAE’s natural environment and celebrates the country’s innovators – our researchers and entrepreneurs who are continuously exploring new ways to preserve our marine biodiversity, encouraging responsible use of food and water and sharing knowledge on innovations and efforts to embrace a more sustainable future.
The UAE Pavilion at Floriade Expo 2022 was a multi-sensory and immersive experience. It included a Salt Water Garden that showcased a sustainable biosaline agriculture system, a beautiful halophyte gallery which highlighted the importance of four core plants that thrive in salt water and an immersive installation using audio, visuals, light and scent to transport visitors to a seagreass meadow.
Floriade Expo 2022
14 Thursday
APR, 2022
09 Sunday
OCT, 2022
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