Ahlam conserves mangrove ecosystems to combat climate change.

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Ahlam Bolooki is a passionate advocate for the environment, actively promoting community-focused solutions to support natural ecosystems both in the UAE and aboad. Born and raised in Dubai, her concern about the effects of climate change on ecosystems inspired her to Co-found the Mangroves 4 Mankind in 2020. In addition to her efforts raising awareness for the environment, Ahlam is a marketing expert within her role as Director of the Emirates Festival.

Mangroves 4 Mankind

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Mangroves 4 Mankind was established in 2020 as a licensed social enterprise the United Arab Emirates. Mangroves 4 Mankind aims to combat climate change by conserving and restoring natural mangrove ecosystems in coastal cities around the world. With a team made up entirely of a diverse group of volunteers, they unite for their shared goal to create a positive impact towards the effects of climate change.

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