Dr. Habiba
Al Safar


Dr. Habiba is pioneering a new understanding of local genetics to eradicate disease.

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Dr. Habiba Al Safar is an Emirati geneticist and biomedical engineer. She is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Director of the Biotechnology Center at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi. Her work identifying genetic risk factors for diabetes in native Bedouin populations is widely recognized. In 2015, she was fetured amongst the “100 Most Powerful Arab Women” by Arabian Business.

Khalifa University Center of Biotechnology

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Abu Dhabi

The Khalifa University Center of Biotechnology was established in 2015, dedicated to researching genomics, bioinformatics and systems biology to understand risk factors underlying major chronic diseases in the UAE population. The Center aims to improve knowledge about diseases to enable clinicians to promote, protect and maintain the wellbeing of the community.

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