Dr. Margit


Dr. Margit inspires a love for animals through her dedication to protecting falcons.

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Dr. Margit Muller is an award-winning author and veterinarian with a Doctorate in falcon medicine. Based in Abu Dhabi since 2001, she manages the world’s largest and most well-known falcon hospital. She is a passionate veterinarian and self described ‘Falcon Whisperer’, caring for all manner of animals with decades-long expertise, profound knowledge, and deep intuition.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is the first public institution in the United Arab Emirates to provide comprehensive veterinary medical services exclusively for falcons. Established by Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi in 1999, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital has grown to become the largest falcon hospital in the UAE and the world, caring for more than 110,000 patients since opening.

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