Al Blooshi

MAIT & QA Engineer

Heyam’s passion for space and technology helped the UAE reach Mars.

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Heyam Al Alblooshi is a Mechanical Engineer who graduated in 2011 from the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi. Following her graduation, she was granted a research fellowship at NASA Research Center. As a passionate engineer, Heyam is currently pursuing her dream as a Design Engineer with the UAE Space Agency, where she was actively involved in UAE’s Mars Mission.

UAE Space Agency

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Al Ain

The UAE Space Agency is the space agency of the UAE government responsible for developing the country’s space industry. Established in 2014, the agency is responsible for developing, fostering and regulating a sustainable and world-class space sector in the UAE. The UAE Space Agency is also in charge of the sectors growth through partnerships, academic programs, investments in R&D, commercial initiatives, and driving space science research and exploration.

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