Kenza & Patrick

Culinary Creatives

Kenza & Patrick spark thoughtful dialogue by pairing food and art.

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Kenza and Patrick Jarjour are the husband-and-wife team behind the unique dining and event space INKED. Located in Dubai’s vibrant Alserkal Avenue, INKED is an experimental event space which takes dining to a whole new creative level. The couple conceptualised INKED in 2014 while on their honeymoon and their entrepreneurial endeavors came to fruition in 2016 when INKED was founded.


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INKED is a creative platform with a heart that beats strongly for food. Backed by years of experience in the art of social sculpture, they are a team of story tellers and dining experts, designing multi-sensory edible experiences with food as the centerpiece. INKED is not just a restaurant, an incubator or a performance space; it’s all of those things combined.

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