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Mohammed unites historic pearling traditions with contemporary craftsmanship.

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Mohammed Al Suwaidi was born and raised in Al Rams, where the Arabian Gulf meets the Hajar mountains in the UAE. The grandson of a pearl diver, Mohammed was surrounded by family stories of pearling and the lure of the sea. His passion for design and heritage led to his founding of Asateer, which interprets a contemporary pearling vision while breathing new life into mother of pearl.


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Ras Al Khaimah

Asateer is both a product design studio and a production workshop, specialized in the creation of handcrafted products from mother of pearl and raw materials, all sourced locally within the UAE. The story of Asateer draws inspiriation from the Gulf’s world-renowned pearling trade. It merges contemporary design with traditional raw materials to craft creative reinterpretations that reflect the modern Emirati identity.

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