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Saeed’s preservation of Emirati cultural heritage keeps stories alive for future generations.

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Saeed Al Suwaidi is an experienced genealogist and researcher of Emirati culture and history. He is the founder of Al Mawrooth, an initiative that collects and records Emirati oral histories. Saeed has documented Emirati heritage since his early childhood by reading the history of the tribes in the UAE and spending time with elderly citizens to capture their personal stories from the past.

Al Mawrooth Initiative

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Al Ain

Al Mawrooth, which means “the legacy”, is an ongoing effort to collect authentic historical stories and poems from the older generation in an effort to preserve and protect these oral accounts from being forgotten. The initiative is managed by Saeed Al Suwaidi, a passionate researcher of local culture and heritage. Al Mawrooth regularly publishes stories from the past on their social media platforms, so current and future generations can learn more about the folklore history of the UAE.

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