Al Kodmani

Organic Farmer

Yazen redefines biodiversity and food security through sustainable agriculture in the desert.

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Yazen Al Kodmani, from Syria, is the Operations Manager of Emirates Bio Farm. Yazen follow in his fathers footsteps taking over the organic farm which was started land gifted by Sheikh Zayed. Yazen is now considered an expert on organic agricultural practices in the UAE and is passionate about engaging consumers about the importance of eating natural, healthy, and local food.

Emirates Biofarm

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Al Ain

Emirates Bio Farm is the UAE’s largest organic farm, specialized in producing certified organic vegetables, fruits, and eggs through the use of sustainable farming practices. The company has fully embraced their role as advocates for environmental protection, health and wellbeing. These guiding principles have been adopted from the teachings of Sheikh Zayed, an early champion of greening the desert

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