Principal Investigator, AUS

Dr. Oussama El-Kadri & Dr. Mohammad Al-Sayah

Dr. Oussama El-Kadri and Dr. Mohamad Al-Sayah both created new material to capture carbon in order to minimize its harmful effect.

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Dr. Mohammad Al Sayadi grew up in Lebanon and majored in chemistry both in Lebanon and Canada. He was inspired by his father, a chemistry teacher, to see that chemistry holds the solution for the world’s many environmental problems. He believes dreams can be achieved one step at a time. The UAE’s futuristic vision and strong leadership added to state-of-the-art research facilities make it the perfect place for new ventures.

Dr. Oussama Al Kadri was born in Lebanon. He studied chemistry in Canada and the USA. His brother who was a chemist inspired him to enter this field. He believes the impossible is possible, and it is this belief that enables one to realize his or her dreams. The UAE’s advanced educational system promotes excellence in teaching and research which makes it an ideal place for theory to be put into practice.