Program Manager, Bayanat & Geo-intelligence Software Developer

Hanadi Bin Darwish & Afnan Al Hosani

Hanadi Bin Darwish and Afnan Al Hosani both work on AI innovations. They used 3D mapping to enhance driving safety.

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Hanadi Bin Darwish is a native of UAE. Her mother’s dedication towards her education and Sheikh Zayed’s visionary leadership have always been a source of inspiration. Her studies in network engineering have helped her in realizing her ambitions. She advises youths today to be patient, hardworking and perseverant in the achievement of their dreams. The UAE, she believes, encourages innovation and works on a global scale. She is determined to export her innovations to the world.

Afnan Al Hosani grew up in the UAE. Her brother’s advice on how to take advantage and create one’s opportunities is her greatest inspiration. Her studies in science and computer engineering gave her access into the AI domain. She tells youths today that hardships are inevitable on the path to success and well-worth the rewards. She believes the UAE’s multicultural character and economic growth are what make it a pioneer in innovation. She hopes her position in UAE’s leading innovation companies will enable her to contribute to the country’s development.