Science Data Analyst in the Emirates Mars Mission & Mission Systems Engineer

Maryam Yousuf & Mohsen Al Awadhi

Maryam Yousuf and Mohsen Al Awadhi created a method to store and access data collected by the UAE Hope Probe.

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Maryam Yousuf is a native of the UAE. Women who break stereotypes and defy expectations inspire her with strength and hope. The research skills she acquired while majoring in biomedical engineering enabled her to learn about space science and programming. She advises youths today to be open to new opportunities, growth and learning, and to be stubborn yet flexible about reaching their goals. She believes that the UAE’s visionary leadership makes the impossible possible and, hence, the perfect place for individuals to strive for a better future.

Mohsen Al Awadhi grew up in the UAE. His dream was to become an aviator because he believed ‘the sky was the limit;’ instead he majored in aerospace engineering. The one piece of advice he has for youths today is to dream big and always believe that dreams will become a reality. The UAE’s belief in individual growth enables dreams to become possible. His motto today is ‘space is the limit.’